WHO Is A Hitchin’ Bitch?

We welcome those attracted to rope and who identify along the variants of our gender policy*. Our goal is to create safe space for women* to learn to tie and experience a peer-to-peer sharing format.

*Established by the International Hitching’ Bitches group: All women who live full time as women / FTM / genderqueer / intersexed persons / those who feel they still have links to the women’s community (we are seeking inclusivity).

You can always bring a rope-bottom of any gender orientation, as long as this person understands the ethos of the space and respects that. Guests of any gender are welcome so long as their accompanying person identifies within our ethos policy – they must have that person with them. We are not open for pick-up play, nor do we need bottoms to tie.

WHAT Are We Doing?

Together we are creating a safe space for Hitchin’ Bitches to practice rope. We want to create a thriving network so that we are representing, and represented in the broader kink/leather/sex communities.

WHY Are We Doing It?

We seek to share with one another and those who tie, teach, demo, present, instruct, and such, all need to be those who identify as a Hitchin’ Bitch. Many of us have often expressed that they do not feel ‘good’ enough, that they do not have the confidence to tie in public, that they don’t see themselves represented. We are here to be a catalyst in that need of change!

MISSION Statement:

Empowerment! We seek to dash Rope Politics (the hierarchy of perceived competition) by encouraging skill share and joint purpose. We endeavor to help Hitchin’ Bitches find their own authentic Rope Voice as they repel “technical” focus and seek a balance of intent and skill in their rope activities.

HOW Can We All Create This?

We wish to highlight the skills that already exists amongst potential Hitchin’ Bitches in our communities. Inspired by Peer Rope styles and Open Space concepts, we strive for passionate skill sharing in relation to rope.


Our monthly gathering to induce passionate skill sharing between all Hitchin’ Bitches. We spend a few hours a month in shared lab time. This includes asking questions, sharing ideas, problem solving together, following along with others, riffing with the rope, and generally rope jamming together.

Cost: Donation of $5 requested. This event is made possible by the contributions of the Center for Sex and Culture and Midori!

MEET UP Events:

We highly encouraging members to get together elsewhere to tie together. Help ensure success by being a part of creating a network of activities and events that folks can go to together and create safe space as a group.


We want those who feel they cannot join the skill share, but still want to learn, can contact each other and set other times to meet up. Go bold and promote our awesomeness! This helps us to raise visibility and tells other potential Hitchin’ Bitches that they are wanted and welcome. We ask that you help us to be proactive.


Should you find there is an experience with HB you have any discomfort around, please do us the courtesy of coming to one of our leads with your questions / concerns / comments / suggestions. We are unable to support them without feedback and understanding that something has happened.